Fashion Details From Street Style 2011-2012 years

Here is 8 pattern fashion detail from street style 2011-2012 years. We all know that beauty is in details, so lets see them 🙂

Red is very actual in every season, but in 2012 the most tendentious is thin, transparent dresses, With this you can combine narrow leather belts 🙂

Several watches together is very beautiful, especially one big and other smaller. If their color is golden it's more delicate and feminine:)Vintage style is very popular with girls who like bohemian style. So this vintage rings is for them, you can combine it with different clothes and make various looks 🙂

Rough style shoes is popular on this season too. It's one of my favourite tendency. You will like it especially if you like masculine style 🙂

Stripy print is one of the tendencious print in 2012. And this red shoes is really amazing. I can say that to dress this together is "experiment" which result is amazing.

Metal details is one of the most popular, this bag is my popular on this season. It's very stylish and with different accesories and clothes you can make really good looks :)I can say that fur is very stylish in every season and is look very richly. With different accessories it's more stylish. I am in love with this bracelets and bag with metal details.

This red knitted waistcoat look very well. Knitted clothes is very popular in every winter season, because it's warmer than other length and stylish too. I am in love with this look and I like accessories too, especially red vintage style bracelet

Well, floral print is the most womanlike and delicate too. This look is very improved and colors make is more stylish. It look really amazing & i wish to wear something like it too :))

This white chemise is very original and different size and shape cuts make it more stylish at this season. So this vintage style chemise can make every woman improved 🙂


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