Tendency for 2012 – Review

In this post I want to unification every tendency which offer fashion world for this seazon.

So let’s see 🙂

1. 10 Tendency which offer us Russian Vogue For Winter 2012

1. Red and Black combination

2. Material of Velvet

3. Golden and Black combination

4. Precious materials

5. Masculine Style

6. Classical Style

7. Clutches

8. Coloured Colors

9. Pants with spread branches

10. Original style Hats

 Color Trends Fall/ Winter 2012

1. Black – this color is famous in every seazon, especially winter. It’s the most classical, popular and you look elegant in this color in every time.

2. White – it is against to black. This color is so feminine, make you fell lightness and hilarity. At last white make your mood better how psychologistes sais.

3. Red – it is the most sexual color ever. And in red color you are in centre of attention very easily 🙂

4. Yellow – this color isn’t so popular as others, but fashion is  changeable. So it’s very popular in 2012 and you can to dress up in this color, don’t be afraid about experiment :)))

5. Cream-coloured – this colour is always very popular. It’s easy to make combination with this color. You look very elegant in this color clothes. So just make this color part of your wardrobe, it’s remarkable inevery situation.

6. Deep Blue – It’s my favourite color 🙂  Light, refined and prefect for every style. It’ll be one of the most popular in this seazon, so just fit it

7. Pink – it’s mostly for girls. Loud color for mood 🙂

8. Grey – some colour is the best for different weather, so grey is perfect for winter and autumn rainy days. It’s very important color for the next seazon too.

9. Orange – like red and pink this color is famous with shining. You make it more sexual and self-confident :)))

10. Brown – neutral color, which make your wardrobe more beautiful and comfortable in this seazon

11. Green – most popular is dark green. This color make fell stronger too.

 Makeup Trends for Fall Winter 2012 

For this seazon actual will be three type makeup :  1. Dark  lipstick – Red; 2. Natural makeup; 3. Cat-eyes effect.

 Let’s see firts version : red lipstick is perfect for winter seazon.  Accent will be on lips, which have to be sexual and on eyes you can to grease a little Indian ink.

 You can make on the contrary, make accent on eyes. In this version will be actual cat-eyes which make you secretly :)))


In this seazon very actual will be natural style which widely is used in makeup art. Be natural and use only simple colors. Like flesh-coloured, light golden and other.


Top 10 Tendency for makeup and hair style by BAZAAR

1. French Face – light makeup, simple colors, accent on lips.

2. Frequent Eyelashes – black ink, accent on eyelashes and other makeup with light colors.


3. New Ponytail – hair style, which become popular in this seazon.

4. Smoky Eyes – deep blue dye, closer to black color or brilliant blue

5. Natural Hair –  natural twisted and tender hair

6. Light Color Makeup – light pink, orange and brown combination

 7. Brilliant Accents – it’s actual on nails, eyes and hair style

8. Red Color – unique,  invariable color for lips

9.  Nair Art – silver or golden dye with brilliant details

10. Braids – sew it back or side and make different style

Nail Color Trends For 2012

1. Natural colors

2. White

3. Brilliant

4. Red

5. French

6. Dry Effect


7. Make Experiments


CHLOE offer us high heels. Except it metal tendency is used – in this case it silver. Plastics and leather combination is famous too.


CHANEL collection is made with sea inspiration. Hells is like sheels. Karl thinks that shoes for 2012 have to be comfortable and no very high heels.

YVES SAINT LAURENT offer us metal details, sharp colors  and stable heels.

LANVIN and CELINE is against tendency and offer us very high heels. They think that heels mustn’t be simple, It’s like.

CHRISTIAN DIOR  offer us simple and beautiful shoes. Attention is made on heels. It’s high but very comfortable for walking. Is used metal and leather, herewith different prints.


NINA RICCI always offer something “sweet”. They made shoes with laces and orlaments. Heels is middle, because extremes they dont like.

VALENTINO offer us shoes without heel. The basic goal for them is that shoes will be comfortable. But they offer us shoes for parties and different ceremonies too.

And at last 10 Basic Thing Which You Have To Buy For Winter 2012

 1. Short full-coat

2. Knitted Dresses


3. White Knitted Jackets

4. Long Cardigans

5. High Boots

6. Chemise

7. Topcoat

8. Fur Waistcoat


9. Knitted Beret

10. Warm Scarf


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