NYFW review – continue

New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2012 is over. I want to share my favourite collections, which was presented on FW. So lets see 🙂  (share me your favourite collections in coment)

Ralph Lauren

Main colors was black,  grey, dark violet and golden accents. Beginning was much more masculine style, and then appeared more refined and feminine clothes. Dress which was covered with gold fit Olga Sherer.


Calvin Klein

Main colors was black, grey and mat.  Severe style dresses is combined with metal belt, which made it  different. ” Feminine Extreme” – is called collection.




Proenza Schoulder 

Clothes seem very rude but they convncing us that it’s very comfortable. Colors is various, but main is red, black, white and deep blue. Cuts is free style. Accent is made on asymmetrical cuts. Accessories and shois is made with leather.


Anna Sui 

Coloured, free and easy, different.. “Delightful autumn by Anna ” – is called collection. Blod prints, youthful silhouettes and hats with owls shape is typical details of it. Nobody was indiffendent after show. It make me in good character and give me life  inclination :)) I am totally in love with it!

Makeup and Details 

Backstage :



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