Street Style Photos

Now let’s see street style photos to understand which tendencies, colors and style is popural the most. Today I look over different photos and want to share it :))

Street Style Photos

Bag made with bright materials 🙂

nothing particular, but look is very refined and delicate what make it beautiful 🙂

Bright materials is very trendier in this seazon. Lock of this bag is my favourite :)) sky-blue color make look unusual. This woman is dressed really tastefully 🙂

Red red red :))) This color is actual in every time and can make you totally exceptional 🙂 This black dress and red shirt is lacy, so everything together make look very refined. Vintage style ring with blue dim is my favourite too

This floral print on skirt is very beautiful and at this time tendier too. This look remember me autumn warm weather 🙂 ( wish this skirt!! )

Chemises become popular at the last time. This dim pink is perfect for this kind of clothes and collar with metal elements make look unusual :)) Like it

This perfect dark light-red bag is combine with black coat. Look is very simple but beautiful at this time

Lacy clothes is very popular and tendencious at this seazon. This black leather short is combine perfect with shirt and white dress, Accessories make look more elegance

I am really jealous with this girl, she has different shape very lovely bags :)) Wish it really. Look is very simple and at this same time very elegance and feminine

White knitted sweater with black spread skirt make very beautiful look 🙂 bag is combine with clothes perfect. Like sunglasses too

Like this white flaps so much 🙂 Look is very comfortable and adroit. Bag is capacious so you can put in it many things. This look is perfect for days when you have heavy time-table 🙂

This look remember me summer sunny days in sea and good memories 🙂 very lovely skirt with white shirt and sandals very adroit in summer. Belt make look more stylish 🙂

youthful and free style 🙂 Like

One more knitted sweater combine with white short and orange bag make look so elegance. Shoes and long lecklace with anchor shape is perfect too. Finally I can say that this woman is dressed really tastefully 🙂

Leopard print is tendencious till again! 🙂

Perfect look for walking in the parks :)) dress with floral print is beautiful too

white chemise with skinny dark green pant is good choice 🙂 Accessories and everything together make look really good

Shirt penetrate into orange color jeans and accessories is combine tastefully

One more youthful look where accent is made on bag and warm grey hat 🙂 It's stylish

Vintage style ring and bag is combine perfect. Knitted sweater is very popular trend in winter seazon too 🙂 Dressed tastefully

Best dressed womans photos made by Harper’s Bazaar photographers :

Other beautiful items and details : 


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