Color Trends 2012 for Spring & Summer

One more important tendency it’s actual colors in seazon. Fortunetly winter is over and we have to ready for warm spring. Many designer show us her collections and critics is making new tendencies for this seazon. So let’s see main and actual  colors for SPRING_SUMMER 2012.



Yellow and orange is said together mostly. This color ir really one of favourite for fashion lovers. If you make different combinations with this color, your look must be particular.


Caramel color is perfect for all skin color. But designers choose only some caramel tonality. It’s famous how delicate and feminine. It reflect in peach, banana, dim pink and coral colors


Orange is really particular color and it’s perfect for spring and summer warm days. You can choose accessories in this color which is very tendencious too


White is actual in every time and every seazon, but I think its perfect on sunny days. This color is the most delicate, sexual and must have color for every woman 🙂


Fuchsia is very beautiful park of pink color, which is perfect with white and orange color combinations. This color really make everything special


Black as usual.. For me this color is communicate with winter cold days but you can fit it in the S/S days too 🙂 Black make woman advantage and different nuance.


If you read my blog you must know that red is one of my favourite color 🙂 Red is very tendencious color for this seazon. In this days red, orange and yellow is really perfect choise for everyone


Blue color is very actual for this seazon too, you can choose different versions of this color – pastel or deep blue colors. It’s very beautiful in the accessories too and you can make perfect combinations with other colors

Black & White

This two color together is perfect for all woman and accessories in this colors is most spread



 This color is very actual many designers fashion shows in the last years. It make clothes very delicate and a bit sexual too. The main appeal is : No Nude. Beside  flesh-coloured is very actual too


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